Permanent lips

Lips are an area that many of us would like to improve and enhance, which is where semi-permanent makeup can help. Our experts at Medinkx use semi-permanent lip makeup in order to reform the shape, size and colour of your lips. The long-lasting effects reduce the daily application of traditional lipstick, lip liner or lip gloss, offering a healthier makeup lifestyle.

The Different types of Lips


This discrete enhancement can help define natural lip contour by utilising a soft colour similar to your natural lips.

Lip Blush

The Lip blush is a popular treatment from the lips semi-permanent makeup range. Lip blush allows extending the lip contour to enhance and create an additional effect on the body of your lips. You can choose a natural colour similar to your own colour or a flush of new colour to give a fresh and vibrant effect.

Full Lip Colour

The semi-permanent treatment gives you fuller, more youthful lips by defining the natural lip contours with techniques to blend natural lip colour, for a longer lasting look. This is a great anti-aging treatment for lips that have lost colour and definition due to natural aging.

Frequently Asked Questions

An initial consultation is required to discuss what you like to achieve, a test patch and colour assessment is undertaken and if necessary a drawing of the lipliner using a makeup pencil.

The treatment itself is usually around 90mins but some time is needed to prep the skin by using *local anaesthetic to numb the area. As soon as the skin becomes numb, using a specialist machine and fine needle, pigment is applied to the skin. After the treatment, the pigment applied will appear darker than the colour chosen but will start to fade after the first week.

Between 4 to 8 weeks after the first treatment, a follow up treatment will be needed to add more pigment and complete the treatment. Any patches and/or refinements to the lips/lipliner will be done at this session. Please bear in mind, some people may experience small/tiny patches on the lips/lipliner as the skin may not retain the colour initially and therefore a follow up is essential to help overcome this. The follow up session is usually completed within an hour.

treatment overview

Procedure Time

2 Hours





Full Recovery

4 weeks

Duration of Results

12-18 months

Risks & Complications

Redness, swelling, itching


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