Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

Semi Permanent Brows

With careful care given to your eyebrows, you can accentuate the natural beauty of your eyes and give a better shape to your overall forehead. With semi-permanent cosmetics, it means you no longer need to apply makeup every day, and there is no smudging to worry about. We can define your eyebrows and enhance your existing shape or recreate a new shape of your desire.

This treatment can deliver fantastic results helping you to achieve the look you want, making you feel great and confident. The benefits of this long-lasting treatment can be seen straight away.

The Different types of brows

Hair Strokes (Microblading)

Most popular for short term with the effects being 3D hair illusion. Microblading is an old technique which does not require machines, needles and is more superficial. It is an embroidery type method to achieve strokes which look like real hairs. Ideal for those who want to define or reconstruct brows. The results are amazing and realistic which can last up to 12 months.

Hair Strokes (Machine)

A similar process to Microblading but using fine needles and machine to achieve individual hair strokes. Again, ideal for those want to define or reconstruct brows. This treatment can last up to several years providing the colour is maintained.

Soft Powered Ombre Brows

Also considered as shaded brows, is a more bold appearance as the pigment applied is more intense covering the full brow area. The intensity of the pigment applied can give a face lift illusion as well as a refreshed appearance. The powered brow can last up to 10 years providing the colour is maintained.

Frequently Asked Questions

An initial consultation is required to discuss what you like to achieve, a test patch and colour assessment is undertaken along with drawing the shape of the brow with a makeup pencil.

The treatment itself is usually around 2 hours but some time is needed to prep the skin by using *local anaesthetic to numb the area. As soon as the skin becomes numb, using a specialist machine and fine needle, pigment is applied to the skin. After the treatment, the pigment applied will appear darker than the colour chosen but will start to fade after the first week.

Between 4 to 8 weeks after the first treatment, a follow up treatment will be needed to add more pigment and complete the treatment. Any patches and/or refinements to the eyebrows will be done during this session. Please bear in mind, some people may experience small/tiny patches as the skin may not retain the colour initially and therefore a follow up is essential to help overcome this. The follow up session is usually completed within an hour.

  • Defining the eyebrow and shape
  • Drooping eyebrows
  • Sparse hairs
  • Medical e.g. Hair loss
  • Scars and/or injuries
  • Fine eyebrows
treatment overview

Procedure Time

2 Hours





Full Recovery

4 weeks

Duration of Results

12-18 months

Risks & Complications

Redness, swelling, itching


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