Sculptra Face

What is Sculptra?

A Sculptra treatment visually improves the skins quality over time and the restoration of the lost volume on the face. From an early age, the body can start to produces less collagen. Sculptra can remedy the balance by stimulating collagen production again.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Sculptra can help restore youthful appearance by improving the structure of the skin, targeting and temporarily filling deeper wrinkles, lines and folds. Hollow areas where volume has been depleted such as temples, gaunt cheeks can be plumped back up. Jowls, which are sagging, can be lifted as well as, adding definition to the cheekbones, giving the appearance of a firmer face. The results are long lasting and can be expected to last around 2 years.  

A consolation will be required to determine if the candidate is suitable for the treatment. Depending on the client’s requirements and skin condition, we usually recommend 1 treatment once a year (2 treatments if recommended by the practitioner).    

Before the procedure, anesthesia is applied to make the procedure more comfortable. Sculptra will then be injected into the required areas with tiny needles, followed by the practitioner massaging the areas for even distribution.  

Directly after the procedure, clients will experience swelling due to the water content of the product, which will reduce over a few days. Facial massage after the treatment is crucial and should be carried out twice a day for 10 days and then once a day for 30 days.  

treatment overview

Procedure Time

45 minutes





Full Recovery

24 Hours

Duration of Results

2 years

Risks & Complications

Minor swelling


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