Sculptra Buttocks

What is Sculptra Buttocks?

Sculptra is a non-surgical buttock lift, which does not leave a scar and produces a natural lift. The benefits of a natural lift ensures there is a subtle change of shape to the body without the worry of over filling and “looking fake”. The slight enhancement and lift can make noticeable improvements to the person’s figure.

Frequently Asked Questions

A client who would benefit from the non-surgical buttock lift is someone who naturally has a flatter bottom and would like to add volume for a shapelier bum. Sculptra can enhance skin texture, smooth cellulite and fill out hip-dips. The results are long term and could last up to 2 years.  

Both male and females are suitable for Sculptra buttocks treatment. Bearing in mind each individual is limited due to genetics by how much they can alter the shape and size of their buttocks with diet and exercise alone. 

A consultation will be required to determine if the candidate is suitable for the treatment. Depending on the client’s requirements and skin condition, we usually recommend 1 treatment, once a year, and then follow up sessions 3 – 6 months after 

if required.  

Before the procedure, anesthesia is applied to make the procedure more comfortable. Sculptra will then be injected into the required areas, followed by the practitioner massaging the areas for even distribution.  

The water that is used to dilute the Sculptra will give instant boost, which will settle in a couple of days. The results will continue to improve and definition will start to for after 2- 3 weeks. The full effects take up to 3 – 6 months to show.

treatment overview

Procedure Time

45 minutes





Full Recovery

24 Hours

Duration of Results

4 - 6 weeks

Risks & Complications

Redness, minor swelling, mild tingling


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