About Medinkx Aesthetics

Founded in 2003, Medinkx Aesthetics has grown from providing semi-permanent makeup, through to non-surgical aesthetics and providing a fully comprehensive training academy.

The team members consist of doctors, medics and aestheticians professionally trained in teaching and delivering aesthetics and cosmetic procedures.

With over decades of experience between them, the team is committed and dedicated to providing a high-quality service equally ensuring clients’ needs are being met as best possible, as well as the client’s mental appreciation

About Medinkx Aesthetics

The procedures follow a multi-level and transparent customer service, focusing on increasing confidence of the client through enhanced natural looks with the most suited treatment.

The experts perform the treatments in a discreet and gentle manner, reducing the emotional stress and strain that can be experienced by some aesthetic issues.

Medinkx Aesthetics offer uniquely designed service for each customer according to the client’s particular needs and requests.


"Highly professional with loads of experience and most of all attention to detail. Always treated with care and respect."



"I had SMP done with the Medinkx Team. I am really impressed and my confidence has grown since. Thankyou"


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